Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What do you address in terms of local business issues?

A) We will identify what is necessary to host your business where you operate and do what is necessary for your business to launch. This includes permits, insurance, etc.

Q) Do you specialize in a specific industry?

A) No, we interview the business owner and determine what is necessary for that business sector. Offloading business owners from this task gives them time to pursue everything else.

Q) What are your costs?

A) We interview the business owner and base our fees on the amount of work required. We will manage costs where we can but not at the expense of not doing our due dilligence.

Q) If you host our services, what is the availability we can expect?

A) We will treat your systems equal to ours and we attempt for 99% availability. There will be periods where we need to do maintenance and we notify our customers way in advance so they can plan accordingly. Unexpected outages may take down our systems as well so we will do our very best to minimize these impacts to the business.
Business Partners
Of America

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WELCOME TO Business Partners Of America

We're here to help make you succeed in buniness   !!!! Let us offer you outstanding assistance for getting your business up and running while you go off and do things to keep it running. Starting a business can be extremely challenging but with tremendous rewards. Let us take the load off your shoulders by doing for you what we know best and do well. Obtaining financing to start and/or maintaining a buniness requires a strong plan for executing what will make you successful. We excel at developing plans that give you exectly what financiers expect to see.

OK, so you're in business, things are going well but to grow your business requires a strong marketing plan. Let us develop that crisp, professional plan targeted specifically to meet the needs of your business. If your current plan is not delivering the necessary results, let us review your plan and earn your business by providing an updated version. Business Partners of America can also assist with cost containment. The leaner you can run the more profitable you can be. Our service offerings are geared specifically such that we offer and manage critical IT infrastructure tools like email, conferencing, and document management.
This FAQ page attempts to answer questions that have already been asked. There are thousands of questions we had when considering going into business for ourselves. As we are asked questons by our customers we will post the answers here.

If you do not see your question(s) here, please call or email us and we will get the answer if we do not already know it. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.
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