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Despite social media’s rise in adoption among brands, a new study revealed that email continues to prove itself as the preferred marketing method for driving online purchases from websites - especially if your target audience includes high-earning consumers.

However, there’s no rule stating that you can’t use both social media and email marketing. In fact, you’re encouraged to experiment with a variety of solutions so you can best determine the right method for your business. There are many different variables at play, and you won’t know how they’ll affect your campaign unless you test them.

Whichever avenue you choose, it’s important that you have a well thought out strategy. Know who you target audience is and where they spend their time online. This might require you to invest more energy into research, but you should find that it’s worth it.
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True Value Of Email

Anyone who owns a computer has an email address and these days virtually everyone has at least a computer, tablet or smartphone that they carry around. In fact, the Google Android mobile OS even requires a Google account-including a Gmail address-in order to operate. Your iPod and iPad sync to Apple’s iTunes service, which requires an email address. Since email is required in order for these things to operate, you could technically NEVER even use email-never send an email, never check your email account-yet you NEED an email address in order to get around in today’s online economy. Email truly IS everywhere.

Most online shopping sites especially require an email address as they use it as their unique user id. Essentially, you are using email weather you want to or not. You need an email address to sign up for things like newsletters and promotions, to order items online and you even need an email address before you can sign up for social media services like Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some of the industryacknowleged reasons email is the primary form of communications now and for the future:

1) It is far cheaper to send email communications than direct mail communications, so you save money on each communication.

2) Using emails, you can build close relationships that you could not do with direct mail or phone. As a result the email will add to the retention rate of certain customers, which adds directly to their lifetime value.

3) Emails can be used in viral marketing. What this means is that you can get customers to write to each other, passing your message to other people that you don’t know.

4) The speed of Emails permits you to send types of messages that could not be sent by any other medium. Airlines, for example, send weekly messages about the availability of unsold seats at rock bottom prices. These messages could not be sent by mail because of the time, or by phone because of the cost and the annoyance factor.
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