What A Business Plan Is

The Businesses plan details your business including, but not limited to, what products and/or services the crganization will deliver, financial requirements, and what will keep the business running.

Without a clearly documented plan, startups make "fly by the seat" decisions usually resulting in business failure. A solid business plan addresses the most common causes for failure before the happen. Many a company have felt the sting of having to bring in a high dollar consultant to analyze the failure and create
a plan to save the business.
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Simply put, we're here to help you succeed by starting off on the right foot. 
Amongst the seven top reasons businesses fail, planning is certainly one gotcha. You hear it all the time, failing to plan is planning to fail. Starting and running a business can be extremely challenging but with risk comes tremendous rewards. Let us take the load off your shoulders by doing for you what we know best and do well. Obtaining financing to start and/or maintaining a business requires a strong execution plan for what will make you successful. Obtaining financing requires a strong plan that shows potential financeirs research has been done and the project is viable. Without this plan, there is little or no chance you will obtain funding.

Business plans we create cover twelve areas of research beginning with concept through the financial plan. The finished plan should contain all areas necessary to start and grow your business. We interview you, our customer, and extract information neceessary to begin creating the plan. Finalization of the document is done with you and is not considered complete until you are happy. Let us develop that crisp, professional plan targeted specifically to meet the needs of your business.
The finished plan can be taken to your financing source as-is. Any subsequent modifications requested by lenders will happily be made at no additional cost to you. Development of business plans is a partnership for the sole purpose of making sure the plan is exactly what is expected. This amount of cooperation and effort hopefully results in financing necessary to launch and grow a business. We strive to make each of our customers references for our work. All companies we help are added to our afilliated sites list at no additional cost. BPA appreciates the opportunity to earn your business.
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A Business Plan in NOT a document you create once and file away. This is a living breathing document that should be referenced and understood by all. Periodic referencing and updating to reflect business focus changes is essential to the continual prosperity of your organization. This referencing also helps understand when there are fluctuations either direction during business cycles. A plan is not an after thought. Creating this document after the fact will not help owners with previous failures.
What A Business Plan Is NOT